Gatlin Learning's Technical Writing Course a waste of money

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Gatlin Learning offers a course called Technical Writing through a lot of colleges.This course is a JOKE!

It costs nearly $1600 to get information that you can easily get on the Internet, information that doesn't pertain to technical writing, and information that is downright WRONG! For example, a great deal of time is spent telling you how to write an email and use a search engine. Yet NO time is spent telling you how to write a technical manual! Also, you're promised that the instructor will help you develop a portfolio.

The instructor was very unresponsive and when I was able to talk with her, it was obvious she didn't know what she was talking about. Oh yes, and the course (and the instructor) says that MLA is the styleguide tech writers use. MLA is for academics.

Real-world tech writers use Chicago Manual of Style, APA.Don't waste your money and your time on this course!

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I went to Gatlin Education and I was ripped off.The information provided was not enough to get you through successfully to work a career.

I was also out of $1600.


Check out Penn Pfoster College people - and don't beleive the complaints in Pissed Consumer about them being a scam, PF College offers ACE accredited Vocational modules/ Courses like Business and Technical Writing and Bookkeeping to name a few. Penn Foster college is also on the list of recognized ONLINE INSTITUTIONS ON THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WEBSITE, and are DETC ACCREDITED.

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I took the Bookkeeper course.That ones a big waste also.

Ended up paying $1600 to read a book that I later found out was at my public library.Feeling a little *** paying someone so that I could read a book on my own.


Thanks for this complaint! I was afraid that was the case and I won't take the course now.

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